Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What A Year...

2014 has been a year filled with many highlights both life changing and self-awakening.  It’s also been filled with memorable moments too…

Greatest Lessons:

Some of the greatest lessons learned or shall I say ones that have been reiterated throughout the course of this year has been “Let people be who they are” and “Allow people to be where they are.”  Sometimes we can want more for an individual than they want or can perceive they can have for themselves.  Here is the reality, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Hardest Lessons:

Because I’m a giving person who has been entrusted with multiple gifts and talents, the hardest lesson learned for me has been you still have to be discerning in your giving and sharing…  You can’t "cast your pearls before swine," selfish individuals or amongst squanders be it business or personal relationships in any form, because it be detrimental to your progress and cause delays in the forward movement of your business endeavors. 

Favorite Memories:

Some of my favorite memories this year have been:

  • My story “Healed To Be Hold” being published in the anthology book Pathways To Vibrant Health and Well Being
  • Witnessing my youngest sister marry a man her equal
  • Observing my oldest niece discover her inner strength and resiliency
  • Watching my youngest niece grow and develop during her first year of life
  • Sharing and receiving words of wisdom, constructive comments and insight that elevates the soul

As this year comes to an end, I’m grateful to have lived through the greatest and hardest lessons learned and still be able to celebrate those favorite memories.  In looking to 2015 with a brand new pair of lens, it’s my hope that we each do something new we’d been thinking about, work on something we’d each like to get better at and focus on that which we’d like to see and make happen in the NEW YEAR!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Be Aware...

Have any of you ladies gotten your Mammogram this month? This year?  And when was the last time you performed a breast self-exam (BSE)?   These precautionary measures are methods used to inform you of your breast health.

It’s a known fact that “1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.” (Caring for Your Breast, Pg. 3)  Since this is a known statistic, how can women understand the risk factors for breast cancer? 

        A Few Things To Know:  
  • Know who’s at risk and the risk factors
  • Understand the parts of the breast; changes in the breast (common and less common changes)
  • Know the signs of possible breast cancer
  • Perform BSE monthly (preferably after your period)
  • Schedule a Mammogram (Recommended annually for women over age 40)
  • Key components for Good Breast Health: Exercise, Eating Healthy and Positive Lifestyle Changes

Good breast health is essential, therefore empower yourself as a woman by becoming informed.  Choose to educate yourself…  BE Aware…  Become Knowledgeable! 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Giving It Your Best Shot

Just a few weeks ago, I was jogging in the neighborhood…  I came upon this young girl who was outside shooting hoops in her driveway.  I stopped and ask if I could join her; and to my surprise she said yes.

As we began to shoot around, I told her that I had played once upon a time and just day’s prior to coming in contact with her I’d said to myself, "I needed to find a place to shoot around.

I’d missed the game, however, I also found solace in shooting around because it gave me an opportunity to be physical and focused at the same time.  But taking shots alone made me work that much harder because I had to get my own rebound, chase my own loose balls, and follow my own shots…

Tonight while shooting around, we discussed her last year of high school, physical health and readiness (for the upcoming basketball season) and thoughts on plans for preparing for her future…  She’s excited, yet nerves as there’s a certain level of uncertainty going out into the world as a young adult.

But here’s the beauty with this fresh start…  She has many opportunities available to her and the sky is unlimited as it relates to what she can be and do.  The key is having a plan of action to chart your course, monitor your progress and work through the process to achieve your said goals and aspirations.   

The Game of Life 

There are team sports and then there are individual sports; however, in both types of sports there's one constant and that's the one individual playing in each of them...  Why do I bring this up you may ask?  

Well, in this game of life, sometimes you'll play alone and in other instances, you'll be playing with teammates.  But either way, you still have to know the rules and develop your abilities in order to play the game well; moreover, one must understand themselves, know what they want and their position in order to maximize their playing time...
As it is in basketball, so it is in life…  You give it your best shot!