Sunday, June 15, 2014

Daddy’s Make A Difference

Father’s Day???  Well, it’s just another day for some, because many have lessened the value of a father’s position in the home or in the lives of his children…

How did we get to this point? Since when is a mother honored on Father’s Day?
 I’ve seen the card’s and heard the words spoken from children and mothers alike (especially the ones who are parenting alone) say “Happy Father’s Day Mom or I’m your mother and your father.” 
Not So!  Regardless of the women’s relationship with the father of their child(ren), she should always respect his position and never displace his value nor underestimate his calling as it relates to the welfare of that child (or children). 

Daddy’s Make A Difference….  

The role of a “Father” is essential to the overall development of a child be it male or female.  He’s to love them, train them and provide for them emotionally/physically, spiritually and financially.  However, he must be active, personable and present for this is his responsibility.  

It’s imperative that “Mothers and Fathers” work together so their children can exhibit that essence of wholeness which only comes from parents partnering jointly for their purpose.  It’s time to co-operate because Dad’s do matter!  

Happy Father’s Day to the Daddy’s who are Fathering Their Children…  
 You Matter!