Saturday, January 24, 2015

Marching On...



Earlier this week, we celebrated and honored Martin Luther King Jr. nationwide...  Many of us attended prayer breakfasts, luncheons, ceremonies, and parades in commemoration of the life and legacy of Dr. King.     

For me, I made it my business to get out and see the movie Selma.  I thought it would be very appropriate and befitting; not only to reverence the day, but also to gleam a much deeper understanding of the events and circumstances that led up to march.

While watching the movie, I felt as if I was there on some level meaning viewing some of the beatings that had taken place then and how you see many of those actions still taking place today with police brutality, the killing of unarmed black men and the mistreatment of a race of people due to the color of their skin and ancestral origin.

It is disheartening and sad to think that we being “Progressive Americans” are still dealing with many of the same issues of times past.  Although we’ve advanced in terms of legislation being put in place to foster equal justice under the law, we seem to not have evolved in consciousness as it relates to how African Americans in this country are view and still treated in various institutions.   

The Glory of Hope

Many are awakening…  As we continue to pursue "The Dream" for every human being, we must be cognizant that “it takes the wisdom of the elders and young people’s energy” working together to break down and dismantle the tricks of the enemy and evil doers.

But nevertheless, there is hope for a glorious future, however we must put feet to our prayers and implement plans that will produce change that continuously develop individuals, thus enhancing their personal growth and professional work to create a more "United America." 

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Together, we can secure a future that is just for all because collectively we have the power to create transformative change and possess the intelligence to ensure that it’s done in a manner that models righteousness for all citizen no matter “the color of their skin.”  

In continuing “The Dream,” keep Marching On….  For Equal Justice and Fair Treatment of All Human Beings