Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Mother's Love


Happy Birth Day Mom!!!!  Today, you turned 59, boy how time goes by.  It’s been 24 years… My-O-My!!   Although you’re not here to CELEBRATE another year, WE KNOW that you are near because YOUR SPIRIT LIVES on and YOUR VOICE continues to RESONATE in our ears...  

The memories that you made and the woop’ens that you gave along with the instructions plus the Fear of God in You, have molded, guided and served as a “black print” to keep the three of us on a conscientious path, PRESSING TOWARDS THE LIGHT KEEPING GOD IN SIGHT!

We Cherish the LOVE, Your LIFE and ALL Your SACRIFICES…   

Message to the Young People….  

A Mother’s Love is like no other and once she’s gone, you don’t get another…  No matter what the relationship is, be grateful for your Mother.  If she’s still here, keep her near and if she is not, then keep her close to your heart...  And for those of you who don’t have a relationship nor communicate with your Mother, STILL PRAY for her so that GOD CONTINUES TO COVER HER, remembering to maintain a SOULFUL LOVE FOR HER!!!  From The Heart…

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

College Anyone?

Michael Baisden twitted a question about college…  “Is college for everyone?  What would you do if your child told you he/she didn’t want to go to college?”  And I replied, “College isn’t for everyone, parents should develop a POA (Plan of Action) to cultivate, encourage and support their child’s aspirations/visions.”

I guess you’re thinking, why am I writing about this?  I took the question from this perspective…  The parent(s) must have had plans for the child to attend college and now, the child has decided for whatever reason, they don’t want to attend.  Let’s say this is the case in this scenario…

Obviously, something has happened to make the “young adult” change his/her mind.  And more than likely, the result may have been that the “college decision” was something the parent(s) wanted.  The truth of THIS MATTER is SOME parents STILL push THEIR personal desires and dreams off onto their children not thinking about what the (NOW) Young Adult wants.

College ISN’T for everyone, but continuous learning and acquiring knowledge IS  If a young person has plans for college, that’s great, if he/she initially did and changed their mind, then that’s okay too.  The KEY here is to have a POA for achieving their aspirations, dreams, goals and visions. 

Parents must not get caught up in the traditional thought pattern of “you gotta go to college.”  There are other paths that young people can pursue to achieve success and fulfillment in their lives.  Yes, lead them and guide them, ensuring they stay on a positive path…  Just remember to “Cultivate, Encourage and Support THEIR ASPIRATIONS, DREAMS, GOALS AND VISIONS.”