Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What's All This Talk About HAIR?



A week ago, Iyanla Vanzant wrote an article called “Self Hatred – A Condition or Choice” (http://t.co/nliMOVWc) for Monday Matters blog.  After reading the article, I passed it along to others whom I thought would be interested in reading it and could appreciate the content. 

Well here recently, I had a notion to read it once again and during that time, the comment Iyanla made at the end of the article “No one really cared about the condition of their hair;” made me say Hummmm...

I began to ask myself WHY? What was the reasoning behind not caring about the condition of their hair? Was their head covering, not important to them, or just not ranked high on their priority list?  And also, why are so many women uptight about their hair now and what does that say about the “inner” woman?

Better yet, why are others so concerned (OVERLY CONCERNED IT SEEMS) about the condition of our hair as well?  There’s clearly been a big shift!!  And with the media and other social outlets, the negativity travels MUCH faster than the POSITIVES associated with “BLACK HAIR.”

Now, we have Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas, America’s 2x Olympic Gold Medalist being criticized about her hair!!  Come on… For Real??  Anybody that plays sports (or played), KNOWS the DEAL.   Check out the Sporty Afros Article (http://sportyafros.com/random-2/monishas-minute-the-gabby-douglas-hair-controversy-unwrapped)