Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome to "Young People Talk with Yah-Tay"

Hello Young People!!!  I want to welcome you and thank you for visiting the “Young People Talk with Yah-Tay” blog site.  I created this blog so that I may continue communicating with “youth and young adults” on a broader scale alongside interacting with them individually and/or collectively.  This blog will be used to examine subject matters, concerns and issues deemed important to you along with me discussing topics to stir up cognitive thought(s) and positive action(s).    

Sometimes I will act as your advocate and adviser (“Your Success Coach”) or mediator between the parents and youth, and parent advocate too.  I will also use this blog site to communicate with parents or legal guardians as well, for without them, there would be no younger generation.  It’s important for me to be a voice of reason to the parents and on behalf of the parents or legal guardians to young people as I’ve often found the communication channel between the two blocked, closed or nonexistent for whatever reason….  

I invite you to accompany me as I address, comment, evoke thought and solicit input on both positive and negative concerns surrounding our youth and young adults in this day and time.   It is my hope that my earnest desire to see ALL YOUNG PEOPLE SUCCEED IN LIFE shines through in the discussions presented herein. 


  1. I have sat in Ms. Yataye, classes and was very pleased with how she talks with you about life experiences. I've known Ms.Yataye for about 7 years, she has been a WONDERFUL person and a strong Lady. We have experienced similar life twists and turns... She's a good life coach.

    1. You made my work during that time Enjoyable and FUN! You kept me LAUGHING and Smiling....

  2. Alexander Ravenel IIAugust 26, 2012 at 1:48 AM

    I have seen Ms. Yah-Tay educe her innate powers to become self-governing, self-organizing, and use her powers of discrimination with divinity and acuteness. She will help you turn your "scars into stars."