Thursday, August 9, 2012

Celebrate Life...

(Photo: Biography.Com)

On this day, August 9, 2012, we all celebrate the birth, life and legacy of Whitney “Nippy” Houston.  She blessed each of us with her gifts and talents, leaving behind beautiful memories and soulful music that will last for generations to come.  Although she is not with us physically, her spirit lives on endlessly...

Whitney did what was required of her and lived a life FULL of Purpose and Passion.  She did what she was called to do, needed to do, what she wanted to do and also what she desired to do…  When you examine Whitney’s life in its totality, one must honestly say that “SHE LIVED LIFE TO THE FULLEST” with No Regrets!

What can we take from the 48 years in which Whitney graced us with her presence?  It is to live our life with purpose and passion all while “being conscious of who you are in GOD,” because WE don’t know the day nor hour of our own transitioning…  

We should not fear death, but seek to understand it knowing that it too is a very necessary part of the cycle of life/circle of life.  When you earnestly “Live Life” as Whitney did, enjoying the peaks and persevering through the valleys, then and only then can you truly “Celebrate Life!”    

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  1. Alexander Ravenel IIAugust 26, 2012 at 2:04 AM

    "Life is what we want it to be. Our servant; if given direction; otherwise, our dictator." May we all choose wisely.