Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Mother's Love


Happy Birth Day Mom!!!!  Today, you turned 59, boy how time goes by.  It’s been 24 years… My-O-My!!   Although you’re not here to CELEBRATE another year, WE KNOW that you are near because YOUR SPIRIT LIVES on and YOUR VOICE continues to RESONATE in our ears...  

The memories that you made and the woop’ens that you gave along with the instructions plus the Fear of God in You, have molded, guided and served as a “black print” to keep the three of us on a conscientious path, PRESSING TOWARDS THE LIGHT KEEPING GOD IN SIGHT!

We Cherish the LOVE, Your LIFE and ALL Your SACRIFICES…   

Message to the Young People….  

A Mother’s Love is like no other and once she’s gone, you don’t get another…  No matter what the relationship is, be grateful for your Mother.  If she’s still here, keep her near and if she is not, then keep her close to your heart...  And for those of you who don’t have a relationship nor communicate with your Mother, STILL PRAY for her so that GOD CONTINUES TO COVER HER, remembering to maintain a SOULFUL LOVE FOR HER!!!  From The Heart…


  1. Never met your mom's but if the saying is true the apple don't fall far from the TREE ! So she had to be a Lady of class,with much respect and a heart for giving. Love you ,Big Bro.

  2. Thank You for the LOVE... My mother was a "Lady of Class," who didn't play the radio (As the neighborhood peeps would say, "Mrs. Sug don't play!!")! She meant what she said and said what she meant, but had a HEART of GOLD with EARS that Readily listened to Others Soul :-)

  3. I would like to second the Happy Birthday wishes to our mother. I know she is very proud of each of us as we are of one another. Dearly, she is missed but will NEVER be forgotten. She will continue to live through each of us.

    With soooo much love,

    Momma's baby Shawntavia

    1. She most certainly does... Mom's personality shines through in each of us, in its own little way... Including her "Granddaughter," which is AMAZING... Her SPIRIT TRULY LIVES ON!!!

    2. Your mother may be physical gone, but I am sure her spirit is living through you all. Whenever you are down or want to give up her spirit is pushing you up and whispering in your ears something to the affect of, "Stay Strong! You are not alone, Press!"

    3. Thank You Shareka!!! Her spirit has been instrumental in keeping me going over the years along with MY FAITH and BELIEF in GOD.

  4. To Parents:
    Pay attention to your children. Whatever they show a propensity toward; expose them to it. Protect them of course, but the propensity is indicative of impressions carried over from past lives experiences(most recent in particular), and should be nurtured or cured. You have the responsibility to discern.

    To Children:
    The first and most important admonition is Exodus 20:12, and Ephesians 6:1-3. I really need say no more. However,if she be your birth mother,or mother by the nature of mothering; honor her. The rewards are unmentionable and far-reaching. I pray that you do so.