Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Are You Thinking? What Are You Speaking?


 Are you manifesting into your life the things that you think upon or speak out of your mouth?  Are your thoughts and speech lining up with one another?  Are they negative or positive?  Something to think about aye….

Well, if what you are thinking and speaking are lining up, then you’re on the right path to creating the things that you desire in your life and for your life.

The key will be consistency, positive thoughts and self-discipline.  It’s important that you monitor your thoughts and speech because a Man or Woman IS as He or She “Thinketh!”  

If you’re not, then this is a great opportunity for you to examine your thought process and the things that you say to yourself.  In doing so, you’ll become aware of why what you may be thinking and speaking are not manifesting the things you desire.  If your thoughts are not “consistent” with your speech, then they are canceling one another out…  Hence one not seeing the fruition of their “Thoughts which become Things.”

So, be mindful of what you think and cautious of what you speak ensuring that your thoughts and words line up with what you are envisioning.  Remember, YOU CAN ONLY CONTROL YOU…  Therefore take responsibility for YOUR ACTIONS and be in charge of YOUR DESTINY!! 

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  1. Alexander Ravenel IIAugust 26, 2012 at 1:53 AM

    Great Advice. Thank you for reminding us that what we think about, we bring about.