Wednesday, August 1, 2012

About Miss Yah-Tay

Miss "Yah-Tay"

Greetings!!!  My name is Yataye “Yah-Tay” Keaton (First Name Pronounced “Yah-Tay” like “Latté” except with a “Y”).    In 2005, I begin working with youth and young adults (Some Older Adults Too)   professionally as a “Prevention & Outreach Educator,” and later becoming a “Certified Youth Worker.” 

Although I’d worked with youth and young adults on some level or another personally, an opportunity unveiled itself for me to switch gears from “Designing Environments” in the field of Interior Design to assisting with “Designing Lives” in my local hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida working with churches, drop-out prevention programs, recreation centers, schools, pregnancy centers and other youth servicing organizations.

Now as a “Certified Life Coach and Life Purpose & Career Coach" (Life Purpose Institute), I’m utilizing the online blog community to continue in my pursuit of assisting with empowering “Our Youth and Young Adults” to reach their desired goals and aspirations by informing, educating and equipping them with practical “life skills” that help to discover their ideal careers, life purpose or path.

Why Young People?
As a youth growing up in the projects (The old “Jordan Park”), having an absentee father and losing my mother in my formative years, my life became a world wind that very often lacked seasoned counsel and direction.  The effects of not being guided or assisted along the process of personal development caused many delays for me early on in life both personally and professionally.  

And having gone through that experience, I’ve developed a deep passion for young people and strongly believe in preparing our youth and young adults for the game of life… As I earnestly want them to be “The VERY Best” they CAN BE, knowing first hand that personal growth and development along with open and honest communication amongst adults is key to fostering a bright future and healthy relationships.

 I also recognize the significance of proper planning techniques and preparation strategies being instilled in them and understand the importance of having good mentorship and leadership in the lives of our young people so, that I’ve personally taken on the mission of leading the charge, “One Youth at a Time!” 


  1. Alexander Ravenel IIAugust 26, 2012 at 1:51 AM

    It has been said, and experience reveals; that if you know one person (self), you know everyone. There is the sense that you know yourself and are thereby qualified to help others to know themselves correctly. An evangelist once said that "God's purpose for our lives is to find our purpose early in life and to be about that purpose for the rest of our life." Stay the course.

  2. I'm truly on a MISSION to BE about the Purpose of MY Existence for sure! I thank you for being such a "GREAT TEACHER and COUNSELOR!"