Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Remain Anchored

Make Sure You're Connected to The Source

There’s a STORM out there!  And I send out prayers to ALL who have been and are being affected by the destruction of SANDY...  There’s nothing like being in the middle of bad weather and waiting for the storm to pass.  But one thing “I Know” for sure IS, the Sun Will SHINE Again.
I want to take this opportunity to share a message that I received.   It came about as the result of a conversation I recently had…

Food for Thought:

Everything around us is changing or transitioning from one state to the other, be it good or bad, negative or positive...  But, when “storms” occur in our lives, WE MUST REMAIN ANCHORED!  During these times, Hold on to God's Word (or Your Spiritual Principles)! 

I truly believe that WE ALL are experiencing some sort of a transitional phase that's shaking the core of everything in each of us.  This transition is challenging "The Norm" or "The Things" that we knew before in order to give each of us a "NEW POINT of REFERENCE and or a NEW PERSPECTIVE" on LIFE and What's Really Important...

"IF" you have a Personal Relationship w/God (or Your Higher Power), then You’re Anchored, if you don't, then you'll be tossed to and fro during difficult times.  BEHOLD, "OLD THINGS" are Passing Away because, GOD IS Doing a NEW THING in You For Sure...  Remember CHANGE IS THE ONLY THING that's CONSTANT.  Get CONNECTED to THE SOURCE and REMAIN ANCHORED!

From The Heart,

Your "Success" Coach

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Exercise Your Right...

Well, we have 12 more days ‘til November 6th!  And the polls are open now for those of you who’d like to vote early.  I suggest that you do and take someone with you… Get out there and vote now to avoid the lines and to also ensure there aren't any last minute delays that would prevent you from casting your vote.  

This year’s election is very important.  This is not to say that previous elections haven’t been.  There’s just so much at stack...  You have women’s rights issues, health care concerns, Social Security and Medicare to name a few. 

If WE don’t exercise our right to vote and stand for what WE believe in, not casting our vote may cause us to go backwards considering the progress that’s been made thus far.  This election is about “doing what’s right” and selecting the individual who’s going to do the right thing by all humanity and not just a select few…

Many of our ancestors have gone through tremendous pain and turmoil to get US to this point.  So having the ability to freely exercise our right to vote is both an honor and a duty.  Remember, there’s power in numbers and strength in being organized...

It’s been said by many, “VOTE like your life depended on it.” Well it does and there’s a lot riding on this election!  So, I encourage everyone especially “Our Young People” to get out and Exercise Your Right…  Your Right To Vote!  We need 4 MORE YEARS, Because OBAMA CARES…

I Exercised My Right, Will You?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Young Ladies

This past weekend, I had the awesome pleasure of attending the first inaugural “Wonderfully Made Girls Summit” created by Regina E. Coley, Founder/Executive Director of the Leading Ladies of Legacy, Inc. here in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The event was like no other I’ve attended in times past…  This summit focused on personal development and self worth for young girls and women ages 8 to 25.  The speakers were dynamic and discussed topics that provoked thought, calling the young ladies in attendance to ACTION.

The personalized presentations that each presenter gave impacted the young ladies on a “soul” level as this “class for life” had a spiritual twist.  Each presenter discussed the importance of having a relationship with God (or the individual’s belief system), knowing your value/worth, setting standards (friendships/intimate relationships), discovering their purpose and writing the vision (utilizing vision boards) for accomplishing their goals and visions.  

Miss Yah-Tay and Regina

More Sessions Like This….

“Our Young Ladies” need this type of real discussion.  In working with young girls, preteens, teenagers and young women, I’ve come to know that many of them are looking for places they can go to and talk about, receive information and support on issues and concerns that are “Big to Them” (i.e. Important to Them) without being judged or criticized… 

Creating a “safe haven” and having fundamental guidelines in place, helps to define and establish spiritual awareness within the individual…  Many young ladies (preteens/teens in particular) are in need of learning how to cultivate and use their “intuition.”  

I believe that teaching our young ladies” how to recognize, trust and use this inner voice as a guide, they’ll avoid or at least know how to deal with challenges that arise in their lives.  This inner knowing would also assist them with understanding the consequences of their actions (positive and negative), prompting them to make decisions that are sound and much healthier for them.   

I commend Regina and Leading Ladies of Legacy, Inc. for creating such a platform…. an interactive personal development program whose core priorities of “Character, Education, Leadership and Service” are the keys to “Our Young Ladies Future Success!”

For more information on Leading Ladies of Legacy, Inc., please visit: http://www.leadingladiesoflegacy.com/