Monday, October 15, 2012

Me and My Self Esteem

I AM Courteous, I AM Intelligent, I AM Valuable

Having a healthy self concept is very important…  But how do we get to have such a positive view of ourselves?  How is self-esteem developed in each person?   And, how does it impact the individual?  
Well young ladies, you must first understand what “Self Esteem” is…   This refers to what you think and how you feel about yourself.  It’s having a realistic belief and acceptance of oneself, without exaggerated pride or conceit.

Self-Esteem is developed by:
  • Knowing Who You Are - Having knowledge of yourself.  (What you know about yourself.) 
  • Having Standards - Setting standards for yourself.  (What you should be/What you should do.)
  • Having Expectations - What’s your ideal image of yourself?  (I can be/I could be…?)

Self-Esteem Impacts: 
  • Your Feelings - How you feel about yourself.  (Your feelings towards others.)
  • Your Perception(s) - How you view others/What you hear about others/What you think about others.
  • How You Act/React - How you act and respond to others.
  • Your Decisions - How you make decisions.  (How others act and respond to you.)
  •            Consequences - Others response to your behavior.  (How others act and respond to you.)

No Self Esteem/Low Self Esteem?

For the young girls or young ladies that have “low self esteem,” the effects are crippling…  These individuals tend to feel unworthy, they don’t like themselves, and they very often have a difficult time developing and maintaining friendships.  

Many retreat from challenges and blame others for their misfortunes, while others continue having negative self talk conversations, making self-defeating comments to themselves. (Example: I don’t deserve to be happy or I’m not good enough)

Building Self Esteem…

Self esteem usually comes from messages you receive about yourself from family members and parents, your friends and even the messages you say to yourself…  So, how do you build your self esteem? 
You begin first with “positive self talk.”  Focus on your best qualities and strengths, reminding yourself that you are a good and valuable person.  Secondly, you want to surround yourself with individuals who help to build you up by speaking inspirational and empowering messages to you.

Keep in mind; people who feel good about themselves are less likely to do things that could hurt themselves or others.  See yourself as a unique person and say only supportive and positive things to yourself.  If negative thoughts arise, quickly convert them and remember, self esteem is a feeling or attitude that’s maintained, not obtained…  You and Your Self Esteem are One!

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