Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Young Ladies

This past weekend, I had the awesome pleasure of attending the first inaugural “Wonderfully Made Girls Summit” created by Regina E. Coley, Founder/Executive Director of the Leading Ladies of Legacy, Inc. here in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The event was like no other I’ve attended in times past…  This summit focused on personal development and self worth for young girls and women ages 8 to 25.  The speakers were dynamic and discussed topics that provoked thought, calling the young ladies in attendance to ACTION.

The personalized presentations that each presenter gave impacted the young ladies on a “soul” level as this “class for life” had a spiritual twist.  Each presenter discussed the importance of having a relationship with God (or the individual’s belief system), knowing your value/worth, setting standards (friendships/intimate relationships), discovering their purpose and writing the vision (utilizing vision boards) for accomplishing their goals and visions.