Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Remain Anchored

Make Sure You're Connected to The Source

There’s a STORM out there!  And I send out prayers to ALL who have been and are being affected by the destruction of SANDY...  There’s nothing like being in the middle of bad weather and waiting for the storm to pass.  But one thing “I Know” for sure IS, the Sun Will SHINE Again.
I want to take this opportunity to share a message that I received.   It came about as the result of a conversation I recently had…

Food for Thought:

Everything around us is changing or transitioning from one state to the other, be it good or bad, negative or positive...  But, when “storms” occur in our lives, WE MUST REMAIN ANCHORED!  During these times, Hold on to God's Word (or Your Spiritual Principles)! 

I truly believe that WE ALL are experiencing some sort of a transitional phase that's shaking the core of everything in each of us.  This transition is challenging "The Norm" or "The Things" that we knew before in order to give each of us a "NEW POINT of REFERENCE and or a NEW PERSPECTIVE" on LIFE and What's Really Important...

"IF" you have a Personal Relationship w/God (or Your Higher Power), then You’re Anchored, if you don't, then you'll be tossed to and fro during difficult times.  BEHOLD, "OLD THINGS" are Passing Away because, GOD IS Doing a NEW THING in You For Sure...  Remember CHANGE IS THE ONLY THING that's CONSTANT.  Get CONNECTED to THE SOURCE and REMAIN ANCHORED!

From The Heart,

Your "Success" Coach


  1. Love this peice on being anchor (in God ) !

    1. "God IS Our Anchor" during life's storms both physical and spiritual...

      We must continue to pray for those who have been impacted by "Sandy."

  2. Times are changing and the weather is in a transition., but are you changing to meet life's storm's or transitioning for the better ? My choice is to be anchor in God, because l was once sinking with satan.Today l stand on a foundation that can't be shaken. I was once sinking but now l'm anchor> To GOD be the Glory !