Friday, November 2, 2012

ALL The Single Ladies!!!

Earlier this week, there was a picture posted on my Facebook News Feed that read “Yes I’m single!  I’m not lonely I’m just enjoying the time alone with “Me” until God put the right person in my path.  I’ve yet to see a person die from not having a man, but I’ve seen several lose themselves in the wrong one. ~Chloe Womack~”

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!!!  IT’S OK to be single and there’s nothing wrong with it!  Those individuals who make you feel deficient, or try to anyway… there is something off-balance with them.   Now here is the problem…  Why is your singleness such a concern to them that they badger you or try to make you feel like it’s a bad thing?

QUEENS, "Honor and Cherish" Your Time of SINGLENESS.... Take Advantage of It!!! Remember, How You View Your Current State of Singleness is "The KEY" to Your Future Happiness…  It’s ALL about Your Perspective!  What is YOUR View on YOUR Singleness…

Are you happy? Are you satisfied?  Are you living your life WITH PURPOSE?  “IF” you are, then that’s all that matters.  This is why it’s so important to “KNOW THYSELF!”  The inner strength and confidence that comes from knowing WHO YOU ARE (And what God say’s about you) will provide you with the “Stamina to Stand!”

This is not to say that you won’t experience challenges during your time of singleness…  What I am saying is, how you view your status mentally will affect how you carry yourself physically.  Your thoughts and your feelings about your singleness should align with one another.

Being “SINGLE” should be a CONSCIOUS Choice That YOU MAKE…  YOU have chosen to be SINGLE, and are exercising that authority over YOUR LIFE.  But, Soooo many women settle for less, when they CAN have GOD’s BEST FOR THEM… If they wait for “THE RIGHT MAN!”

Even in your Singleness, if you wish to “date,” make sure HE’S WORTHY of your time…  Know and Understand YOUR VALUE as a Woman!!  Be at Peace with Who You Are and Where You Are, all while waiting on “THE MAN” (Not BOY Friend) WHO WILL BE Ready to “DO RIGHT BY YOU!”

Message to the Young Ladies:

A women’s time of singleness is a VERY IMPORTANT moment in her life… She should be about the business of cultivating her skills, gifts and talents, but more importantly HER SPIRIT MAN in preparations for “THE Right Man!” (“IF” That’s Her Heart’s Desire)

Who is “THE Right Man?” The One that GOD HAS Divinely Created for You. YOU WILL KNOW because, YOU have been at God’s feet like Mary and gleaming in the field of YOUR destiny like Ruth…

“THE Right Man” WILL display the LOVE OF GOD and EXUDE THE STRENGTH of “The Word’s Principles,” showing HIS Faith in Action by His WORKS (Not Mere Lip Service)… He’ll also be READY to DO RIGHT therefore HE WILL BE RIGHT… JUST RIGHT FOR YOU…

So Ladies, in the meantime, take some “ME TIME!” Find Your Passion; Make it Your Purpose and Serve Others as Unto GOD… Don’t Worry… And Be Anxious for Nothing… Remember, GOD KNOWS how to direct HIM RIGHT TO YOU!

From The Heart,

Your “Success” Coach
       Miss Yah-Tay


  1. l have ran across a lot of woman's who still introduce their partner as a BOYfriend, if we are in a serious relationship ,you WILL not be introducing me as your BOYfriend, ever. l'm your MAN, soulmate ,my Love even a Boo. When l talk to a woman and she say , "my last boyfriend" that's it , your first impression is your last. This lets me know you have not or ever had a MAN. l believe you call it as you see it, l don't deal with Chicks,that girl or woman's. ln my singleness l learn to look for a LADY( other's need not apply),a LADY can stand on her own,bills taken care of ,know's what she needs and KNOWS the diffrent between a BOYfriend and a MAN ! Now don't get me wrong,l know for a fact, saying l'm a man dosen't make me a MAN. Some brothers out here NEED a LADY,lot of us got comfortable with that BOYfriend title.We got to work together, if you got $5 & l have $2 WE got $7 and if l got $5 & you got $2 WE got $7, Conversation, Trust, Honesty, and Letting her KNOW, she has a MAN, and she letting you KNOW, you have a LADY,we can do this !!! Singleness brings Strenght,Strenght brings Wisdom and Wisdom can bring you True Love, if you KNOW your WORTH and WAIT for it!!!! L O L = Love of Lady's i HOLLA :O

    1. LOL - Love of Lady's, aye... New that's a new acronym for the text meaning of LOL - Laugh Out Loud.

      Thanks for Sharing... Ppreciate a Man's perspective ;-)

  2. I would like to say to the ladies that what you want is within your ability to imagine it. Even the MAN. Genesis 1:26, "...let us make man...." Follow the instruction given in Habakkuh 2:1-3.Hold to the vision. You will need it to be discerning and discriminating. After all; you know what you want. You are your CREATOR.Proverbs 6:2;18:21

  3. Thanks for Sharing these WORDS OF WISDOM!!!

    Ladies, IF You KNOW What You Want, then BELIEVE That You CAN HAVE and DESERVE What You Desire...