Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time To Move

When it’s time to move, many things go through your mind because there are a lot of things that need to be done…  

I just recently moved, and boy was it exciting and whelming all in one…  In the very beginning, I found myself looking around saying, “Where do I start?”  Just the thought of packing made me take a deep breath because there was so much to do.

I’d been in this particular location for quiet sometime, so you know what that means…  Yes, LOTS of PERSONAL BELONGINGS!   Besides, I’d grown, evolved and cherished lots of quiet moments just being in my home.  And out of all the rooms, my office space was very sacred to me in that I spent many hours in there reading, writing, thinking, sitting quietly and creating amongst other things.   

So naturally, when it came time to pack-up, I had mixed feelings.  On one hand, I began to feel a sense of loss because I had received revelation and inspiration there.  On another hand, I dread tackling the packing part of moving, especially overhauling my office, because I had over 350 books that needed to be boxed up.  

But the most empowering feeling about my move was realizing that my home, more specifically, my office space had been the nucleus for formulating and incubating ideas and concepts that are now being birthed…  So there was a sense of accomplishment in that I’d used the space and time therein wisely…

Moving on can take one through many emotions very quickly.  It causes you to really evaluate those things around you and within you.  But, the one thing I learned most from this particular experience was moving on “requires one to do some deep soul searching” in order to get ready for the next phase…   Now I’d move many times before as being in the military requires one to be constantly ready, but this move was like none other.  This is what I learned and want to share….

Symbolism of Moving

The importance of MOVING from a symbolic standpoint is threefold…   It impacts one “Mentally, Emotionally and Physically.” Mentally, you have to prepare yourself for the “MOVE” and ready yourself for what lies ahead (as best as possible).  Emotionally, you have to ensure that your heart and soul is engaged in the process of moving forward, which will enable you to deal holistically with the highs and lows of moving.  The physical aspect comes into play, once you’ve made the decision to do what needs to be done…   

Looking at moving from a negative perspective and depending on what “the move” is associated with, could signify failure, nonsuccess and unfulfillment or disappointment in the eyes of the mover.  But, if one looks at moving from a positive perspective, it signifies advancement, personal growth and development, as well as progress…  As, moving brings about new vision, adventure and renewed hope.  Here, you begin to see the manifestation of your efforts.

As you embrace “The Move,” know everything that’s needed for you to follow-through with the move will show up, manifesting itself as next step processes to help you advance into the direction you desire to go and/or called too.  Remember, Forward MOVEment is GOOD!!  Only when YOU are Properly Prepared “Mentally, Emotionally and Physically, will Your MOVE BE SUCCESSFUL.  Get Ready, because It’s Time To Move On To The NEXT LEVEL 


  1. Hey Taye, "Mentally, Emotionally ,and Physical, l feel apart of this great move. Man ,we talk about everything under the sun families, friends , life , love of others,and OUR own headaches ( lol). Now the Move.Forward is the only way to go, if you have a passion to grow and a heart of excitement. Tay, you have all that and much more, to give and offer. Remember this ,you move on to GREATER,BIGGER and BETTER things in life. Baby girl, there's nothing( but God) that's BETTER, BIGGER and GREATER than Yah-Tay. You move me to a place that is a blessing, and that blessing is YOU(true friendship) ! Love always Big Bro. Keep it MOVING. :)

    1. TAB, I THANK YOU for your kind words, you've always been a supportive friend "Big Bro!"

      I'm so humbled and grateful that "Our God" has found me WORTHY to Be a Blessing to You and So Many Others...

      Entrusting me with the many gifts and talents that I possess to do what I do, FROM THE HEART... {There's still some untapped gifts and talents that are dormant ;-)}

      It's all done to Edify GOD (Show God's Love Through My Works) and For the Betterment of those whom my path cross to Encourage, Empower and INSPIRE Individuals to "BE THE VERY BEST THEY CAN BE," Fulfilling Their Purpose and Destiny!