Sunday, June 16, 2013

He's The Man...

Fathers are the keys to their families…  They insure stability by their mere presence, commanding peace and order by the tone in their voice, but more importantly, as a MAN, he represents the Glory of GOD.

Fathers have always held a unique position in the home as they provide and protect those who reside therein.  So, on today we celebrate, THE MEN and Co-Creators of Life, Our Fathers!!!
F – Faithful to God
A – Actively involved in the affairs of his family
T – Trains his children; Treasures his wife (or woman)
H – Head of his household
E – Example before his children; Embodiment of love to his wife (or woman)
R – Responsible Man

To the Fathers Who are Husbands:

May you be given the strength needed to continue leading your household with integrity and influence.  And may the love and support of your wife propel you to new heights, while the recognition of your children keep you rooted and ground in their sight.

For the Inactive Men Who Call Themselves Fathers: 

MEN Go Back and Claim Your SONS and DAUGHTERS...  THEY NEED YOU; The WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRESENCE in THEIR LIVES!!  Our young men and women are suffering because you’re unwilling to pay the price to get back into their life.  It’s Man-Up Time!  

To the Single Men Who are Fathers:

You are Role Models…  Never under estimate your divine mission regardless of your current position.  Know that you are still relevant to the equation, so don’t get hung-up or misdirected by others who’d like to persuade you to think otherwise.  May you continue to do what you’ve been called to do; because our families around the world need you!

Happy Father’s Day to "ALL THE MEN" who are 
Being Real Father's to their Children

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