Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It Takes Time...

Well, Miss Samiyah Free is here and the baby room is done!!  Yayyy…  Just like it takes time for the baby to form and develop, so it was with forming a concept (decorative theme) and developing a plan of action for carrying out the vision for this former office space.

It’s been some months since I started this “Baby Room” project…  And boy was the process a process.  On the surface, it seems fairly simple by looking at the finished product right?  It also appears as if it didn’t take much time or at least, it shouldn’t have taken a whole lot of time right?  Wrong.  

First I’d like to say that design is problem solving aesthetically… It’s in essence creating total design solutions to match the needs, wants and desires of the client(s), their requests and/or decorating problems and challenges.  But, the home improvement industry would have you to think it’s a quick and easy process.  The camera’s roll fast and at the end of 30 minutes or an hour it’s done.   

Now, here is some behind the scene work that took place for this project (in short).

  • I talked with the client to gather her wishes, likes, dislikes and don’t won’t(s) for the baby room (viewed and measured space)
  •  I drew up some quick “rough” conceptual sketches for visual communication (to clarify, suggest options, provide inspiration)
  • We discussed the sketches, talked about the overall vision and began the process of decorating the space.

Mom’s Vision:

Mom wanted to use the color lavender (her favorite color), she thought pink was too traditional and the norm for girl’s baby rooms.  She didn’t want to repaint or use a nursing chair, as she felt it wouldn’t get much use in the room.  Mom also wanted the crib to have multiple functions and transition into a toddler bed as her little one grew.  And finally, she needed a place to store cloths (clean and dirty) and wanted additional lighting for the room.

Finished Baby Room:

Remember I said she didn’t want to repaint the room and didn’t like “stuff” on the walls (View: It’s A Girl)?  Well, my challenge was to bring color to the room without repainting and balance the dark furniture tones selected for the baby room as well.  So, we had to compromise and used stencils to add color and make the room more inviting visually.  In maximizing the space, we used furniture that severed more than one purpose, incorporated colors that brought harmony to the space as well as added lighting to complement the general light source (overhead light/main light in room).

Although we had to make some minor adjustments, Mom got what she needed, wanted, and desired in the end.  She (and Dad) was very satisfied with the finished product.  And for me, this particular project reiterated the concept of patience, being flexible and seeing the beauty in challenges.

Designing and or redecorating spaces do take patience, patience with the process and having patience with my clients to help them articulate their visions to me.  Being flexible is a must because once you go into the implementation phase of making the design concept(s) a reality, things happen and adjustments need to be made.  This brings me to seeing beauty in the challenges that occur.  

As it is in life, so it is in design!!  We have delays, things have to be expedited, put on hold or we may have to reassess our initial decision(s) made about a particular situation, subject matter or in this case an office turned baby room.  It does take time, but if you’re patient and flexible, you’ll see the beauty in the challenges creating magic with your designs!   


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