Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Revise The Resolutions

Happy 2014!!!  Today makes the beginning of a new calendar year….  It brings on the feeling of a new start and a fresh outlook!  Heck, you might even get the impression that the clock’s time has been reset.  But whatever the feeling is, know that this “New Year” is a continuation of your life’s calendar. 
You have twelve new months of this year to add into your life’s next chapter.   And as you prepare to write this next episode, I challenge you to revisit some of those old resolutions, simply because you don’t want to write in some of the same things, nor do you want to reproduce previous sections that didn’t work…

On the other hand, for those resolutions that you forgot to add into your calendar, or started but didn’t finish, or wrote down but just never got around to doing them, I ask that you take a look at them as some may need to be revised and incorporated in this phase of your life.
So, as you begin to map out this year’s mission, revisit the things that were written…  Be it on paper, in your mind’s eye, or in your heart…  It’ll ensure that you get off to a great start!!  Nevertheless, whatever this “New Year” brings, it is my hope that it swings you into “high gear”, moving forward, pursuing and actively doing those things you need to do, want to do, are called to do and /or destined to do…

Be Dedicated and Determined to Operate Your Life With Purpose, 
On Purpose For A Purpose in 2014!!! 

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