Thursday, January 31, 2013

Going Hard!!!!

Entering the Ring: 

Two months ago, I signed up for boxing...  Not sure where I got the fascination for the sport from, but I’ve always been very interested in it.  Here’s a little secret though, it has been a childhood dream of mine to learn how to box since I was a teenager.  
You see, back in the day, “Girls Didn’t Box,” it wasn’t perceived as being lady like… So tell me something, how else were we supposed to defend ourselves if we didn’t learn something about “throwing our hands” per say?  Just a little something to think about…

Now I’ve never wanted to compete or fight professionally, I just wanted to learn the art of boxing and pick up a few self defense moves along the way; believe it or not, I got picked on and bullied as a teen…  Honestly speaking, I think we all did at some point or another.

The Rounds:

So I began working out at Title Boxing Club in Johns Creek  

I’m ready to go, upbeat and smiling!!!  Then it hits me…   How am I going to manage this childhood dream and deal with these old injuries of mine?  What have I gotten myself into?  I’m thinking…  First obstacle!!!

Now here come the challenges…  A week or so after starting, I strained my lower back and had to stop for a few weeks to recover.  I think I had a little too much excitement going on and was pushing myself a bit much….  Besides, anyone that knows me know that “I always put my all into whatever it is that I’m doing ” and this was no different.

Anyhow, here’s the blessing that came out of that challenge.  Little did I know, one of the trainers (Sensei Dennis Palmer), that I’d taken a few classes with is a massage therapist and sports trainer.  I was like YES, Thank You GOD!!  Not only was he able to assist me with the healing process, but he’s been very instrumental in getting me back on course, taking into consideration my old injuries and ensuring that I maximize each workout session.

 Man talk about divine order… What started out as a setback has become a “set-up” for me!  I’ve been back at it working with all the trainers and going harder than ever!  I go at my own pace and make the necessary adjustments during the workout session, but I keep my feet moving and my hands punching (LOL).

 Bell Ringing:

The fact of life is, “You win some and you lose some.”  What I mean by this statement is you have your successes, setbacks and failures.  The key is to celebrate your successes, take advantage of your setbacks, learn from your failures and take the mistakes in the failures and keep it moving.

You have to do it for yourself…..  GOING HARD and GIVING IT ALL YOU GOT is the Name of the Game…  Never Giving Up or Giving In Keeps You on the Course to WIN!!!  Winning at achieving YOUR DREAMS, GOALS, AND DESIRES!!  No Matter what the OBSTACLES are, Keep Going!  No Matter what CHALLENGES arise, Keep Going!  No Matter How Long it Takes, Keep Going!!  KEEP GOING AND “HIT IT HARD!”

I’d like to say a “HEART FELT, THANK YOU” to the Johns Creek “Title Boxing Club” Training Team:  Sensei Dennis, Rick, Denise, Matt G., Regina, Matt S., Diron, Ben, Eric, and Myron…  You all have been a great support system!!!


  1. Take heart ladies. It is simply a matter of balancing the feminine and the masculine. Who else can deliver a masculine blw with feminine finesse. Apart from that; it is a way to optimal health,and quiet confidence. Do it for yourself. Besides, if a situation arise; at least you will be able to defend yourself. You might also be in the right place at the right time to help some unfortunate person just by your power presence. Be encouraged

    1. I'm very fortunate to be in the company of professional trainers that have a passion for what they do, which enhances the boxing experience.

      Having this exposure and learning the fundamentals of boxing is doing wonders for me holistically...

      It's a great way to build physical stamina, mental power and spiritual strength because one IS deeply engaged in "balancing the feminine and the masculine" attributes of self.

      I also believe that it is a wonderful extra-curricular activity that youth should be exposed to, more specifically school age girls...

      It's an excellent way for them to develop self-esteem, strengthen their confidence and boost their ability to protect and/or defend themselves when warranted.

  2. l done see why a woman can't be both, a knock out and one who can knock someone OUT !!(As long as it's not ME ! >LOL