Friday, January 11, 2013

What To Do When....

It’s only the first week into the New Year and you’re experiencing challenges and set-backs on every turn?  It seems as if nothing is coming together or falling into place…  Look, it’s a New Year, time for new resolutions, yet it doesn’t appear to be that way.  Hummmm, what is going on???

Well, I guess you can tell that my New Year has been kind of bumpy to start.  Let’s see here, for starters, I had to pull a couple of projects that I’d been working on for months with this particular company, because there were too many “redo’s and undo’s,” then there’s the case of “dropped schedules” due to lack of interoffice communication on the part of the individuals who were handling the job.

“O” and there’s one more, I got chewed out over the phone by a young lady that misinterpreted something I said, talking it personal when I was merely using the example I’d mentioned as a comparison in order to explain the situation at hand more accurately, because it was obvious to me that my letter wasn’t clear nor concise enough to get the point across.

First Things First….

You take responsibility for your actions!!  That’s what I did. I examined my actions to make sure that I’d done all I could do within my realm (I.e. meeting deadlines, providing the necessary information at the right time and also communicating in a timely manner).  Once I took inventory of that, I made decisions based on the information I had available, and the next best course of action(s) to take, to keep me focused on the end results.  (I’m a doer who believes in getting things done in the spirit of excellence  So, procuring solution orientated results is what motives me).


So many times, we allow challenges and set-backs to get us discouraged, giving up on the things that we want to do, or desire to be less known need to pursue…   We let the pressures of the moment, or things being said or done; throw us way off the path.  When this happens, we need to stop for a moment, take heed to what’s going on around us thereby paying careful attention to our emotions and actions…


 You Buckle Down and Dig In….  You can’t afford to allow the “mishaps of the moment, to mess up the momentum!”  You may have to go back to the drawing board, look at the plan of action again or review your approach.  But, know that it’s okay!  Maybe, just maybe these obstacles are putting you on a faster track to accomplishing your visions and dreams, ultimately fulfilling your destiny and life’s purpose…  So, what do you do when you come up against challenges???  You Face Them Head on Go… Go Get It!!!

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