Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Naturals' Man Viewpoint

OK “Natural Hair Family,” Derek J has had his say about natural hair and his comment has all the bloggers chatting, the Facebook News Feeds lite up and the twitter tweeties are still tweeting about it.  Personally, I’d like to hear what Madea has to say about natural hair…  But my guess would be she’d say “Heller…  I Love Natural Hair!”  (LOL)

Just last week, I attend “Naturals Nite Out” at Stuart McClean Art Gallery.  It was a wonderful event and the first of its kind held here in Atlanta for the Natural Hair Community.  The most exciting part for me was listening to the all male panel who shared their perspectives on “Natural Hair.”

One gentleman said that when he thought of natural hair he envisioned the “Afro” initially, but after dating a young lady with natural hair, he soon realized that there where many other styles you could do with natural hair besides the “Afro.”

Another gentleman on the panel spoke of women with natural hair exuding a high level confidence as well as noting their inner beauty shinning through too.  It was an experience and delight to hear what these men had to say, so much so that I called a friend of mine to ask him about “Natural Hair” because I wanted to get a little more incite and another perspective.  Here’s how that conversation went…

Me:  Tell me “Tab” what does the phase “I LOVE IT NAPPY.  Not Fake.  Not Straight.  I’m A Naturals’ Man.” mean to you?
Tab:  The natural scent of a woman’s hair.  This is what I get out of that…. “The Natural!” 
Me:  Let’s break it down….  I Love It Nappy!
Tab:  You see, when a woman washes her hair, you get that FRESH-NESS to it…  It’s beautiful when you look at it…  Boy, how FRESH it Smells! 

Me:  Not Fake…. 
Tab:  Weave is shinny like sugar, it doesn’t sparkle like grease.  (LOL)  And many women don’t look right in weaves and wigs, but yet and still they wear them... Some women truly don’t look natural in them.  (IJS)  Although some of these women think they look good, they don’t because they go off the deep end with them different colors… Red, yellow, purple, orange, green, looking like a rainbow.  (LOL)

Then you have some that have the weave in their heads for 6 months…  And others have it hanging all down their backs.  If you’re going to wear it, have some class about yourself…  Ask a man what he thinks and get his honest opinion, besides a man knows what he likes to see women in.  It should be yours anyway, not store brought.

Me:  (Laughing) Would you date a woman with weave?  Why or Why Not?
Tab:  Yes if she’s natural underneath…  I’d date her because, maybe I can convince her to accept her natural beauty and it would be better for her health too.

Me:  Not Straight….  I can’t wait to hear this one. (LOL)
Tab:  When you put them chemicals in your hair, you don’t know what’s really in it, just like our processed foods.  I don’t understand why women do it, and then they turn around and put weave in their heads too.

It’s all about the money, the people who make them perms don’t care what they give you, it’s what you’re giving them… The MONEY!!!  And a lot of them don’t use the chemicals in their own hair.  Why not wear a sexy natural hair style?  There are more styles available then just the “Afro”.

Me:  Now would you date a woman with relaxed hair?  Why or Why Not?
Tab:  Yes if they have natural hair that they’ve made straight, but not with chemicals.  A lot of these hair styles are hand cuffing women….  She can’t do natural???  How come you can’t, when this was your natural hair before?  If you don’t like doing your hair, then you’re lazy.

How did you come to this conclusion that you can’t?  Why can’t it be done?  Some women are addicted to the chemicals.  Here’s something to think about… what about all that money you’re spending?  Now that’s some serious money depending on how many times a month you’re getting your hair done.

Me:  Natural Women…  Relaxed Women….
Tab:  I’m really a naturals’ man.  Natural Women, Natural Beauty…  They are comfortable with who they are and a natural woman seems to be more concerned about her overall appearance and presence.
And to me, a woman who wears her hair permed, it’s about her look and how her hair is styled… “All eyes on them.”  You don’t see the fullness in their hair all the time.   I just like a natural woman.

"Tab" Sporting the "Naturals' Man Tshirt"!!!

It amazes me to hear the different viewpoints from men…  There are a lot of factors that come into play.  You have their personal preferences, their age differences as well as their level of maturity and understanding about “Black Women and their Hair.”  But all in all, we can gleam quite a bit from a man’s point of view and even get a few laughs out of it too…  You gotta love a “Naturals’ Man”.

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