Saturday, May 4, 2013

Who Is She???

Who is that woman behind the relaxed hair, does she know its become an ensnare? To distort her true beauty and the original style of a natural cutie....

Do I know the Inner Me? The Authentic Me? The God Self?

The "natural hair movement" is taking many by storm.  It's shifting the way individual, groups and entities see the natural hair texture of "AfriKan AmeriKan Women".  In this time of change, what are some of your memories about being relaxed?  And I'm not talking about being in a reclined position...  LOL! 

What were some of your experiences?  What were some of the perceived rewards?  What were some of the challenges?  How did it impact your self-esteem or self-confidence?  How did it effect your concept of beauty?  Did it evoke you to look deeper within yourself?

These are just some of many questions that may have been asked, or thought of during the relaxed phased, transitioning from the relaxer and afterwards...  Just a little food for thought.  I awakened this morning with the question, "Who Is that Woman, Behind the Relaxed Hair?" on my mind and thought I'd share.

Miss Pro-Natural

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