Sunday, September 30, 2012

Healthy Hair IS Priceless

A little over a month ago, EBONY magazine featured an article that read “Does Going Natural Mean Going Broke?”  In the article, it talked about the decision some women may make between paying their bills and being able to afford caring from their natural tresses.

It went on to discuss making the transition from wearing relaxed hair to sporting one’s natural coils, product selection and their ingredients as well as cost and the amount of money spent on natural hair care…  (View Article:


Back to Natural…  Going back to your natural texture doesn’t mean you have to go broke.  And it shouldn’t be about expense nor making a decision between paying your bills or not. Resuming your natural state of being is a choice many "Black Women of Afrikan Heritage" are making because they have chosen to do so for whatever their reasoning is. (The "K" in Afrikan, means "Knowledge" of Our Afrikaness) 

I’d venture to say that black women wearing their natural hair is about celebrating the essence of who they are as black women and living a healthier life style from head to toe; to the best of their ability and within their available resources...

"Embracing OUR Natural Hair IS Beautiful and Healthy.”  It also serves as an inner psychological transformation for those who choose (or have chosen) to make the transition.  What I mean by this is, black women who are natural “must have an inner knowing” of who they are because it takes an elevated sense of “Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem” to wear your hair natural (considering the lingering stigma STILL associated with black women wearing their natural hair).  And for the Sisters, who don’t possess that inner knowing just yet, it will challenge them to look within themselves and examine what their concept of beauty “really is.” 

Priceless…  One can’t begin to place a dollar figure on having healthy hair.  It’s not just about the expense or what’s in the product(s) i.e. ingredients; it’s about what the individual puts into their bodies as well.  Having healthy hair can’t just be a topical solution, one must also be conscious of what they put inside of their bodies too, i.e. foods (Fruits and Vegetables) and liquids (WATER)...

Eating foods that promote healthy hair growth as well as drinking “plenty” of water to hydrate from within coupled with educating yourself on the best products that will aid in the overall health of your hair is THE BEST SOLUTION.

                                        “Healthy Hair IS Priceless, 
             BUT the BOLDNESS and CONFIDENCE to wear your
                                     NATURAL HAIR is FREEDOM!”
                                                        ~Miss Yah-Tay~



  1. Thanks Nicole...

    It takes a WHOLISTIC approach to have "Healthy Hair." Which includes the Mind, Body and Spirit... One must first begin with "Accepting Their Black Hair."