Friday, September 14, 2012

Perseverance or Patience?


Perseverance or Patience…..  Which one is it?  Have you ever been told you had to be patient?  Or, that you had to persevere?  Perseverance is about being persistent, especially when you come up against obstacles and difficulties or challenges.  And patience is just that, having patience….

When you’re working on something that you’ve been diligent about… I’m talking late nights and early mornings, missing meals because you’re so focused on what you’re doing, ‘til time just passes you by. This is what I call “on your grind” work!

But what happens when all of that hard work and time spent seems as though nothing is materializing or that nothing is falling into place? What about you doing all you know to do, yet the people who you are collaborating with are not able to uphold their end of the bargain for whatever reason?  Or unforeseen circumstances come up throwing things off course.  Then what do you do?

This is where perseverance and patience comes in, "Knowing that ALL Things Work Together for the Good and that ALL Things are in DIVINE ORDER…You need perseverance to stay the course, holding onto your dreams, goals and visions.  This can be hard to do when things seem as though they are not coming together…  Patience on the other hand requires us to endure during the process all while keeping the most positive attitude that we can.

I know that when times get tough and you feel like giving up, you may want to quit…   But, in order to achieve those ambitions you have, you must maintain a balance between preserving and having patience.  In the end, YOU NEED both “Perseverance and Patience.”  IT will soon come to pass and pay off if you faint not…  Focus on the End Result(s) and Stay on Your Grind!!! 

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