Monday, September 17, 2012

There's Freedom in Letting Go!!!!

I have to say, when the "spirit" speaks to you and tells you to MOVE (Do Something), you have to be mindful of the instruction and act on what is being given to you...  I must confess, I didn't release this post last night (SMH).  BUT, OUR God is so merciful that He sends us little "Tweets" as a friendly reminder...

This morning, Mr. Steve Harvey tweeted, “Reconcile with Your Past & Let it go!”  Powerful… Simply Powerful!!!  This isn’t something that’s new, we ALL know the deal.  In order to heal, FIRST, we must forgive ourselves and then the offender(s).

Forgiveness is for YOU!  You must forgive so that You Can LIVE....  Live in the PRESENT!  When you're not at that place, it truly affects everything in your life.  We must not only forgive, but also "Reconcile with our Past" as Mr. Harvey mentioned.

You can't move forward looking in the rear view mirror, nor can you move forward if you are constantly holding on to the things of your past.  At some point, you have to release it, let go and "GIVE IT TO GOD!"

I've included below, a poem that was written by me...  When you have "Reconciled with Your Past, Forgiven Yourself, and Have Asked Others (whom you've offended) to forgive you, knowing that you've done what's right, then there's nothing else for you to do but "LET IT GO!" 


GIVE IT TO GOD....  This poem was birthed from being in a place of having forgiven myself, reconciled with my past, as well as long forgiven others and their offenses, BUT because the other individual(s) hadn't done the same for themselves, it continued to create discord within the relationship or our communication....

Through my experience, I Sincerely Pray that this poem serves as a Blessing and a Wake-Up Call, because "There's Freedom in Letting Go!"  

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